Intranet Management

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Intranet Management

The most common objectives for the development of an intranet is to improve communication, simplify access to information, and streamline work processes within a corporation.

The fist benefits that are reaped are increased speed of information distribution and reduced cost to produce, maintain and distribute information. Next are the benefits derived from automating ordering processes through online forms connected to databases.

This includes reduced costs to print and distribute forms, increased speed and accuracy of data, and elimination of the need to re-key into databases the information collected from print forms.




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As well as our own designers we can sponsor and encourage young designers currently at college or university.

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Small Intranet Systems

The small Intranet development typically employs existing hardware and inexpensive or free software for servers and browsers.

A small scale Intranet can be useful in its own right, or used as a development prototype for larger applications.

A small Intranet can yield immediate benefits and a very high return on the minimal investment for the development.

Some organizations have reported a full payback on their initial investment in as little as 6 to 12 weeks. Useful expansions, beyond delivering documents to the desktop in HTML form, include adding e-mail services and other off the shelf intranet products.

Intranet products are very easy to maintain and upgrade as there is not roll out to multiple machines, all you need to do is upgrade the software resident on the server and all the clients immediately see the the upgrade.

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Large Intranet Management

Biosoft Solutions have experience in both managing a corporate intranet and implementing an intranet within an organisation.

This includes the development of intranet applications and planning the transition from existing legacy systems.

Greater volume of content, larger number of users, and increased number and complexity of applications distinguish larger Intranet developments.

As the Intranet becomes a vital method of communicating information within the organization, intranet security concerns grow.

Information is added that is intended for a subset of users and should not to be accessible to all those connected to the Intranet.

The benefits of connecting with vendors and suppliers through the Intranet may become clear and in-house users may wish to connect to the greater Internet.

Firewalls, access controls and other security provisions must be planned and implemented.

If you have the desire to make more of your network or just need someone who can manage the growth of your intranet and integrate it more into your operational systems with the management hassle being borne by us

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